Textiles has always been present in my life. For my graduation project I wanted to explore the potential uses we can give to these organic residues, as a way to reintroduce them into the value chain and reduce the negative environmental impact they have when they end up in landfills. Along with developing a sustainable material whose properties can be an alternative for synthetic textiles, using organic residues.

" Cascara  is about reevaluating the way we see organic residues and taking all those organic products that we won't consume to turn them into a new source"

For this project I developed 11 different bio-textiles, all made from organic materials which can be sewn and manipulated as a textile. They are water-resistant and and depending on fruit/vegetable residue, changes the strength and flexibility.
Currently I continue to explore their properties and capabilities of each one of them, along with how they can be improve.
Emily Carr University 2021

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